Galaxy Girl's planet was destroyed while she was vacationing on Earth. Bummer for her, but great for your branch! She is now a cosmic force for hire!


Name Description
AbilityBoulderToss Focused Zerp Focus your power through your dealie bobbers to zap a villain! AbilityBusinessGuns Heal Warp Warp to an alternate universe where your team took less damage!
AbilityButtSlam Frozen Time Freeze time and get a free hits in!

Starting statsEdit

Level 1:

  • 3: Pow
  • 60: Health
  • 1: Intelligence

Level 5:

  • Pow

Level 10:

  • Pow


  • According to Double Fine, Galaxy Girl was originally human. That incarnation wasn't popular with players, so they "spiced up her background and appearance".
  • In the same post, DF Kee mentions hinting that her background and the Earth alien invasion are somehow linked.

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