Sweet Justice
I don't have any practical crime fighting experience.
Sweet Justice is the first hero recruited in Middle Manager of Justice.


This fanboy lucked out when he bought a vintage constume on an auction website and found it to be imbued with power! He donned it to become... Sweet Justice!


Name Description
AbilityBoulderToss Boulder Toss This boulder is so big it hits all of the villains!
AbilityBusinessGuns Business Guns Shoot lasers from your business guns for stronger single attacks!
AbilityButtSlam Butt Slam Use your rump to stun your target and cause all villains to take damage!


Name Stats
Male01 Lvl1
Base Costume N/A
Male01 lvl2
Sweet Spandex +5 DEF, +20 HEALTH
Male01 lvl3
Sweet Tech Armor +3 POW, +3 INT, +30 HEALTH


  • "Hey, goons! Are you ready to be defeated amazingly?"


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